an exaggerated interest in the production, preparation, presentation + consumption of food


connecting people through food + visual storytelling | the dining table, the place where people unite and stories are told | Eat the Rainbow

da Lima aka FOODISM360, is a hybrid creative + former veggie + pastry chef who puts whole foods + plant-based food front and centre. FOODISM360 is based in Lelystad, a small polder town in the heart of Dutch organic farming. The fertile polder, its landscapes + the local farmers are a constant source of inspiration to her.

With over 20 years of combined work experience in foodservice, retail, marketing, branding + design, she is able to help brands + organisations create messages + recipes that stand out and enable them to emotionally connect with their audience in a 360 way.

Her visual language is about realness, wabi-sabi, daily simplicity, colour, tactility, natural lighting + minimalism. Her recipes represent contemporary from root-to-petal cooking, inspiring a more balanced, mindful lifestyle.


Shortlist, 5th place in Sony's World Photography Awards, Professional Competition, category Still Life, photo series Undress to Impress, portraiture of garlic.

3rd place in the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Food Photography Competition, category The Culinary Trust Award for Food Photography That Makes A Difference, photo of a rotten lemon to create awareness; prevent food waste.

Shortlist, commended gallery Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, category Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture, photo of an Indonesian style pickle.

Honourable mention, Mobile Photo Awards, category Still Life, photo camouflaged quail eggs.

5th place in Kikkoman's Recipe Contest, "From summer to autumn" - deconstructed chocolate dessert free from gluten and sugar; microwave sponge cake, raw chocolate-date-soy sauce truffles, blue berry 'paper', a collection of fresh fruits and salted soy-caramel sauce.

Finalist Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year, category Cream of the Crop, portrait of a slice of pumpkin, commended gallery category Food Sn-apping, photo of pink onion crates, commended gallery category Food for Sale, photo of two female farmers in a carrot truck in Casablanca, Morocco.

Winner mobile photo challenge MOPA30 "Show us your 30." - Museum of Photographic Arts, EyeEm, Instagram, photo of my 30 secret ingredients to make the Moroccan spice blend ras-el hanout.

Winner Simon L√©velt's Tea Melange Competition, NL. Co-creation of Lychee Love, an organic white tea blend with lychees, rose petals + strawberries. The tea is now sold under the name Sweet Love.

Certificate of Achievement from the Royal Thai Government, Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce for my recipe in the Thai Hom Mali Rice International Recipe Contest, Bangkok.